Saturday, 29 June 2013

Introducing Jo Jo!

This term we have welcomed some new people to our class. It is lovely to have Pou, Sabrina, Jonathon, and Anna with us now. They have all settled in beautifully and are doing lots of interesting things at school.

We have also just welcomed a gorgeous, cuddly bunny to Room 10, called Jo Jo! He is being shared around the class and we are learning to look after him. He even came to the zoo with us!

Here is Nyree and Jo Jo.


  1. Hi room ten
    I like your cool photo of Nyree and JoJo.JoJo is soft and When Ever the person is sad or angry their might hold the Teddy bear.It was so soft like a soft white from Roimata ru.

  2. HI room 10 you look very nice nyree and JOJO and is jojo soft nyree .Tell miss nalder that you are the best in the hole wide world and got beauitful hair. FROM SAMOA

  3. Hi nyree

    You are cool there with jojo.

  4. Hi nyree i likeyour bunny