Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tareek's Zoo Story from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Noah's Zoo Story from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Mitchell's Zoo Story from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Introducing Jo Jo!

This term we have welcomed some new people to our class. It is lovely to have Pou, Sabrina, Jonathon, and Anna with us now. They have all settled in beautifully and are doing lots of interesting things at school.

We have also just welcomed a gorgeous, cuddly bunny to Room 10, called Jo Jo! He is being shared around the class and we are learning to look after him. He even came to the zoo with us!

Here is Nyree and Jo Jo.

Lanzie's Presentation

Desmond's Presentation

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Going to the zoo.

When we went to school we put our names tags on and sat on the mat. And there the parents helpers were in front of us with our teacher. Then we went in the Breeze with the other teachers. We got on the bus and me and Noah and Ajani were sitting together. We saw a big boat in the city.
Then we got out of the bus.
We looked at the zebras and they were drinking water, then they started to run away.
My best one was the meer cat tunnel. Me and Ajani and Noah and Mitchell went through. There were some ladders to climb. When we got out we went to see the apes. We saw one under the bridge and one on top. We went to have a sit down then our leader asked if we wanted to go to the park. We said yes!

By Simon

Lanzie's Presentation

Roimata's Presentation

Leni's Presentation

Friday, 14 June 2013

Alisha Khan

One day as I was in bed my Fairy Godmother came and said "You my dear are going to Gardenia" and soon it was morning so I got ready. I packed and had breakfast and went to the airport.

As I was walking back in, a girl called Stella was going to Gardenia too. Me and Stella walked to the air plane and in the air plane we met Tenit, Musea, Flora and Aisha. They were sitting in the front row and we were in the second row.

Soon we landed in Gardenia's airport. We took the bus to the Aemlic's Fairy Academy.

As we were in the bus I was talking to Flora. I asked her "why are you going to Aemlic's Fairy Academy?" She said that she wants to become a cyrinx fairy.

Then we arrived in Gardenia.

We were really excited! Then in the excitement I bumped into Bloom who was looking for the line to get your room number, and guess what? We were all in the same room. So we got there and Stella said "Thank God, I'm tired!" Then it was tea time.

For Tea Time we had some cake and some chips and some tea. After tea time out principal took us to the assembly. There she said after unpacking our things we could have a look around the school. So we got started. Stella was the last one to unpack so I helped her because she had a lot to unpack.

As we were looking around, we arrived in the library. In the library there were lots of books and I can name three: Cyrinx Book, Snow Book, Leafs Book and that's all I know. Stella said "I can't wait until I become a fairy." Then I said "Hey guys, why don't we call ourselves the Winx because Ice Drinks and Storm are called the Tricks?"

Suddenly the Tricks arrived then they tried to hurt us. Bloom used her magic. She did a Dragon Kick. Storm used her magic. She did a Sun Dragon Kick. Then Storm did her Darkness Hand and they went away.

We won!