Wednesday, 25 December 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Especially to the cool kids of Room 10 and their whanau.

Best wishes,

From Miss Nalder x

Friday, 20 December 2013

CRE - learning about Christmas.

Here is a photo of some of the kids in Room 10 acting out the Christmas story.

Friday, 13 December 2013

nelson mandela

nelson mandela was the president of the south afican.Nelson mandela was in jail for 27 year and then on 1990 he was freed from jail.The white people  had money but the black people had nothing and they all of them was racist.The white people and the black people was apartheid and they were fighting so that why nelson mandela was in jail for 27 year .Nelson mandela was died of his age and he die on the 5th of december on friday .Nelson mandlea was sending a letter to the person who will be the president.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Prizegiving Practice

Room 10 has been practising hard for prizegiving. We are doing a Year 3 item with Rooms 8 and 9 and a Year 4 item with Rooms 11 and 12. We would love for our parents and whanau to come along on Thursday afternoon to see us perform and get our prizes!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Desmond and Russell

The clever Mrs Erasmus took this photo before school this morning!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hairy Maclary

Hairy Maclary from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

The kids from Room 10 PES loved reading all the Hairy Maclary books so we decided to make our own masks and film a movie about the most famous story of all - Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Welcome Mrs Trimble!

We welcomed a lovely guest to our class yesterday! Her name is Mrs Trimble.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Once upon  a time there lived a bad bad  santa.That kicked  a  man   of   his   surfing   board.And  surfed   away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Monday, 21 October 2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wonderful Week One

Well, we have started off the term really well with a Wonderful Week One! We were all excited to get back to school and we have been managing to fit in lots of exciting things this week.

We worked really hard during the week, getting ready for end of year testing, then had a fun day on Friday when we played the chocolate game! Here are Samoa and Dezarae modelling the outfits that we had to put on before we could cut up the chocolate and eat it!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Little Yellow House

Once there was a house.It was a yellow house.There was a deck outside of the house.No one lived in that house.Near the house was a little chair and bench.No one sat there because no one lived there.Inside the house as a bed a big room and a television that did not work.The keys were inside the house and the house was locked because the keys were inside the house.The house was on a small hill near some cold mountains with snow on it.One day a family came to the house and wondered who built this house.The Husband said ''Tomorrow we will come back with a ladder,go into the chimney like santa claus get the keys and bust it down so we can make it a big as hotel that touches the snow mountains and we can sell our old house.But his wife did not want to do that she said ''We can crash the window then get an new window and live in this house but make it more bigger''But then her kids were complaining too they said''Boring idea mum this is just little and we cant sleep in one room we just wanna stay in our house as usual''Mum said''Why is my idea boring i said i can make it bigger'' ''Dad said we'll just make it as a hotel cause we are rich''.So the next day they got the ladder,Climbed into the chimney and unlocked the house they called the busters and the busters busted it down and built a big as hotel that reached the snowy mountains and lots and lots of people lived in the hotel and the family was really really happy.The End
By Mitchell
Look at the beautiful picture that Angel created on the iPad!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This is Noah doing his magnificent maths.

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

This is a little clip that some of the kids in Room 10 filmed during the immersion assembly on Monday. The topic for this term is: "What in the World is Going On?"
Room 10 is looking at celebrations around the world.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Monday  23rd  september

Micthel  kendrick   was cheeky to his teacher.When his mum asked him to eat  his  dinner he surruptiously fed it to the dog blackly. He had a pointy nose  like pinaochio. On the top  of his  head he had a  sparky  dark  red mohork, and skinny  legs  like Will smith,his favourite shoes  were  his purple churclles, and  when he was two years  old his uncle  took him  to get his ears pierced.His mum  was furious! Micthel wears  skinny blue  jeans   so tight ti makes it hard to breathe. Once he fell on the grass and got ants in his pants which made him dance like a old man. His mum said he had put the ants in his pants  on purpose, so he didn't have  to go to school.


Have a safe and happy holiday Room 10! See you in two weeks!
From Miss Nalder x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Jonathon's Animation

Russell's Animation

Simon's Nursery Rhyme


Last week some of our girls went and played at an interschool cricket competition. Most of them had never played much cricket before, but they turned out to be naturals as they won all their games so came first overall!

Congratulations to Samoa, Anna, Heather and Dezarae for making the Y3/4 girls cricket team and playing so well at the tournament!

Here is Heather with her certificate.

Noah's Animation

Happy Birthday Mrs Jarman!

Look at what Kerstein made for Mrs Jarman for her birthday! Isn't it a beautiful flower?! Thanks Kerstein!
In the weeknd i went to  the  shop   and  i  brot   lollipop  to  do a   neck lace   lollipop  and  it    was   green   and   beufull  in   Room  10
Monday 23rd September

The Americas cup is a trophy awarded to the winner of the Americas cap mach races between  two sailing yachts.  In 1995 Team  NZ raced a yachts called the Black Magic and won the Americas caps.
When we won a sailing commentator called pete Montgomery made the now famous line ''The America's cup is now new Zealand Maritime Museum in Aukland. The 34th America's Cup is currently being sailed in San Francisco, California between Team New Zealand and the defender Oracle Team USA. One point is awarded for winning a race, and a total of nine Points are needed to win the cup.

monday 23 september.

on saterday. me my dad. and my baby. bother wached the America,s cup. we allmost won we where exiting. but we where so sad thay thay had to cancill the racebut nz allmost won my dad we laghtdand. laghtduntill we didint winbut It Is so hard tring to conchroolthe. boat there were 2 boats saliing.  in the water.
Suddenly  jack saw a  group  of aliens  though the window.  stop  the  bus he  yelled  at the  bus driver.
He ran  to   the   door  and   jumped  through  the   window.  We  are  here  said  grant  you 3 wishes you stinky  boy of  space  voice i wishes that 1 could be famous I wishes i  could  live at rainbows End.
The  aliens  stay with jack and they all live Happily ever after at rainbows End.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Alisha's animation

Lishana's Maths

In the weekend i went to ajani's birthday it was so cool we went to big ups and lazer strike.I was in the red team with noah and ajani.Big ups was cool because they have soccer and more. Lazer strike has a maze and castles.You ned a vest so they cant shoot you.

Anna's Maths lesson

iPad work

This is Russell doing his times tables.

iPad work

Simon writing a story on the blog. What a lovely photo I love it.

iPad work

Hi Alisha I took a photo of you.

iPad work

This is Roimata learning with miss Nalder and the London group.

Jacks 3 wish s comes true.

Jacks 3 wish s comes true.Jack is gina wish for a water house so that he could swim inside the water slide.His ather wish was to go to any consits and to go there for like going to the clown consits and like a swiming consits like girls go inside the pool and go upside down and to put yuer feel up and do somthing with it.So he in gourd his 3 wish s. He really likes his swiming pool house he went and put his famis togs after he put his togs on he jumed into the water slid he went on the biggst slide first the biggst own had a tunnle on the... water slide. He went on a taxie to the was a...

went to the cricket

On monday the y 3,4,5,6 went to play cricket but the y 3 and 4 split up so they could have more space  for the y 5 and 6 .And the y 3 and 4 went to the other place and or so it was a fake grass to play with  and or so it was so cool .And pt  England  school won all they game and or so the y 5 and 6 won all they game the y 4 and 3 when it was the final  but then when this girl call out the point and then we won  the game and we were happy  because we won all 4 game  and the y 5 and 6  won all they 5 game and they came first and we came first to .And then we went to have a ice block and 4 kid had ice cream and they felt sad but then they got happy and it was cool to play cricket and or so the y 5 and 6 is going to the final and they will be happy about that but not the y 3 and 4. And then we went back to class and room ten said to me and heather and Anna and Dezarae   and they said to us  wear did you go and they did't know that we were at cricket because we went in the mooring .
By samoa

Red hood

once upon a time there was a girl  named little red riding hood  red's mum said take this basket to your nana in bed she is felling sick said mum skip . if you see a stranger don't talk to To them buy riding hood and she went along she went to her  nana houes  and sadint lie she was there nana what big nose you have the bettr to see you my Dear nana what big eys you have I no but came closer but what big whiskers you have stop taling kid your getting
LittleRed Riding Hood  Likes  to  where the hood  and when her mother  said  to Little Red riding   hood your  gran is  in bed you need to take this  food for her and give this to her. when she  skep and hop and she saw some blue flowers  and when she here something and she saw the big bad  wolf  and she said  go away and when she said again  and theb wolf came back. and  go  away and the wolf  did and  she said  he will be there and little red riding  hood  waked  when she was there she said  how big  your  nose and  how big is your eyes  and  when the wolf   said let me smell  the blue flowers.
this is about america and new zealands cup.

one day n z s boat allmoste fall over into the water and some poeple all moste died in the water but suddintly the srong wind blowe the poeple how oned the boat It was hard for them to turn thay trid
there best to not diea other ways thay will diea and not servive 1 minit latter one boat sink and thay
did not servive but some boats did servive thay wher so luckey because thay servivie it was the

The Girls Went To The Soccer

On tuseday when the y 4 and y 3s went to soccer and the boys was just at school Looking sad and wanna Join. the girls But we have a fun we Colerd in And we write A note for The Girls My note was 'No Girls Alowed Only miss nalder' that was my note for the girls  after that when it was the moring the grils went back to get there lunch and drinks when it was playtime the girls went to socer but not me i coldint see them so when is  was morning tea finish the girls went soccer i saw them the girls was wearing red purple black oranger cloths and red grey black pants/jeans so girls was wearing jackets/chumprs when the teacher told us to stop look and listen we look and liisten we put are Hands in Are Heads s We Did. She said to clean up the School/Class Room/ten We tidy for ages and ages and ages anad ages and ages and ages for 5 mins Tha was a long time And it was hot in the Hot sunny Sun. its was hot inside and it was cold outside I told miss nalder to Gve the boys Some Air So SHE OPen The windows Only 1 ONly 1 Window So we Were Happy Againd and the Girls Came The end by Jonathon.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Freezing cold dog

Once upon a time there was a freezing cold dog who was rich and famous and buy lots of things in the mall.He had lots of money and gold and he was very greedy and rude.He is so rich that he has a elevator in his house.When he goes in his shower and he says ''Turn on''the shower will turn on.When he is sick in bed and he needs breakfast his slave comes and gives him his breakfast and his slave gets paid back $100 dollars.
By Mitchell

Here's what we did in maths today...

Roimata is learning her maths on the iPad.

Lucky Miss Nalder!

I think I am the luckiest teacher in New Zealand! Look at the message I got today!
Thanks Ajani!


This is Desmond at assembly this morning getting his rugby certificate. Congratulations Desmond!

Assembly today

Look who spoke to us at assembly this morning! It's Kerstein's mum Lafo!

Samoa's Nursery Rhyme Animation

Nursery rhyme by kerstein

Nursery rhyme

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Heather's PSI Movie

Noah Latu Taylor.

Once upon a time there lived a naughty boy called Noah Latu Taylor. Noah wears skinny black jeans and when ever he wears his new black jeans he cannot breathe.

When ever Noah's Mum tells Noah in a sweet way to eat his dinner he surreptitiously fed it to the cat Ajani. When Noah was two years old his Dad took Noah to get his ears pierced and when both of them came home Noah's Mum was extraordinarily aggravated and wild.

He had a pointy nose like a Pinocchio. His favourite shoes were black and yellow Chucks. His hair was spiky blonde with a morhawk on top of his head.

Every week when Noah's mum furiously asked him to put the rubbish out, he would say "I'll do it later" but he never does it. Every single time when Noah goes on the bus, when he sits on his chair there comes some year 8 and five bullies.

By Roimata


Jack Kendrick was at the bus. He was so hungry to eat but a sign said "No drinking or food" . So he opened his spiderman bag so he got his drink. He opened it and it started to shake. It shook and shook until it was too late for Jack to go to his school but here..... he was grumbly that he wanted to go home. At 9 o'clock every one was sleeping on the bus, even the bus driver named Joshy. When it was day time everyone woke up, even the bus driver. The kids were so happy that they had another trip! The kids were saying "Weee wee!" and "Woo" and "Yahoo wee yahoo!" because they were exited that they were going. The driver was so furious that he wanted to go home. He felt sad and cried.

By Jonathon

Jack Kendrick

Jack Kendrick was cheeky at his teacher.

When Jack's mum takes Jack to the movies he stands up on to the black bench and talks when everybody is sleeping on the chairs. When Jack's mum says "Go to sleep" he does it straight away, but he has to snore and he has to do the sleepwalking at night because he is a nincompoop.

When Jack's teacher says "Come in" he comes in the class room when he sits on his chair he falls asleep in class. He dreams about being in the class room. He thinks about winning in classroom, that he went on the good list with heaps of ticks. Then after that his teacher woke him up and the teacher gave him a sad face. Then Jack was very angry at his teacher so he tried to sneak out of the classroom but he knew that all of the kids would see him.

So he had a other idea. His idea was to go in the toilets and take his bag with him because he wanted to dress up like a boy teacher. After that he went out with the bag. When he was going out of the toilets he hid his bag.

By Angels Lauvaka

Playdough Maths!

This is what one group did in their maths rotation today. They used the playdough that the boys made on Monday to show what they are learning.

Room 10's version of the Cadbury Ad

Billy is cheeky

Billy was cheeky at his mum Silly  was angry at billy.Billy had ant in his pant .Billy hair's has black hair.And has white  nose and black t shirt .But has fat big nose.Billy was shinny but then he got fater and fater like the fat person in the whole willd world .Silly is the mum she ask billy nicely to billy  to take the bun to the frount but billy said to wait I will take it after but then silly vthe mum got so sad.Jack went onto the bus and some big bullies ask billy for lunch and billy said where is your lunch the mind master was in his head .I think they older  then billy he open his bag and saw a drink.

By Samoa

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Soccer story

Today all the year 3 and 4 girls are going to play sports. We are so excited about it. Mrs V will be coming to pick us up at 9;00. I can't wait until we get there! But who is our coach? Well we will see maybe it's Mrs Vor she bringing guests! So off we went to play soccer. Well I was right, she did bring some other guests. It was a very busy day. We had to come back at morning tea. When we were finished we met someone that was the best football player ever. Her name was Annalea she did a autograph and sticker for us.
The End.

By Kerstein.
Little Red Riding Hood
By Nate Deighton

Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She was called Little Red Riding Hood because she always liked to wear a hood and cape. 

One day her mum asked her to take a basket of food and take it to gran so off she went. The wolf was behind the tree. It was looking at Red Riding Hood. She said “Get lost bad wolf! Im going to my grans!”

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the wild things are. 

Once upon a time there was a bad kid. His name was  James. His mum said “you are a wild monster!” so James went to his room and dreamed that his room turned into a forest with a sea. James went to a boat and went to a forest with wild things that had human feet with long horns.

By Pou Lemusu

Friday, 30 August 2013

In the Beggining

In the Beggining Ranginui the sky Father and papatuanuku the earth mother were together.It was very dark for papatuanuku's sons because they were between their parents.They were all squished in the dark.There names were Tu'Tanemahuta 'Tawhirimatea'Tangaroa'Haumia and Rongo.They didint like being squished in the darkness.Tu had an idea "Lets kill our parents"he said Tane said "No we should separate our parents"he said. Tangaroa and tu agreed with tane.Tawhirimatea,Haumia,and Rongo wanted things to be just like they were.Tu was pushing first he couldnt do it then tangaroa tried with all his strength then he couldnt then it was tanes turn he pushed his fathers chest but he couldnt then he had a good idea he used his legs and pushed his fathers chest the light was shining the brothers tane, tangaroa and tu were so happy. Ranginui was separated from papatuanuku.Tanemahuta clothed his mother with trees and ferns.Tane was the guardian of trees,tu was the guardian of people and war,Tangaroa became guardian of sea,Tawhirimatea became guardian of wind and storms,Haumia became guardian of wild food and rongo became guardian of food that we grow.Now when it is raining ranginui  is crying for papatuanuku.The End

By Mitchell

Rang and papa

In the beginning of time Rangi and papatuanuku where together and day  had six sons theri names where Tu Tane Tawhirimatea Tangaroa Haumia and Rongo . and Tu said to kill But The other to did't want to kill thir parents. The sons The other To DiD/ t Want To kill thir Peris The sons wanted to spreab The parent apartbecause it was too dark for them. bat Rogo  did/t kere and than he cudde up to them

by Russell

Rangi and Papa

In the beginning of time Rangi and Papatuanuku were together and they had six sons. Their
names were Tu, Tane, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Haumia, and Rongo. The sons wanted to spread the parents apart because it was too dark for them, but Rongo didn't care and then he cuddled up to them. Tu said to kill them. The others didn't want to kill their  parents.

by Dezarae

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Where the Wild Things Are

Once a upon time there lived a nasty boy called Max. He was naughty and mean. Once he had a dream about a jungle that was growing and it was still growing as high it could go. Max went on a boat far away from his home. He went sailing and saw some big fat scabby monsters with big yellow eyes and smelly feet. Max went to go to them in the boat and they made Max the king. They can talk but mostly they fight.The boy went in the forest and it was dark. Then max went in one of the houses and lit the house with candles and then they were reading a story. Then they had a fight. The monsters were breaking the houses that were made out of straw and small pieces of wood. The forest was very dark and scary and there was candles out in the forest. It was still sunny and then it be came night and the boy sailed away and the monsters were growling at him. Max woke up from his dream, went down to his mum and his mum read him a story. They lived happily ever after.
By Leni

Friday, 9 August 2013

The end of Ramadan

Here is our gorgeous Alisha celebrating Eid!
Thanks for coming to visit us Alisha!