Friday, 30 August 2013

In the Beggining

In the Beggining Ranginui the sky Father and papatuanuku the earth mother were together.It was very dark for papatuanuku's sons because they were between their parents.They were all squished in the dark.There names were Tu'Tanemahuta 'Tawhirimatea'Tangaroa'Haumia and Rongo.They didint like being squished in the darkness.Tu had an idea "Lets kill our parents"he said Tane said "No we should separate our parents"he said. Tangaroa and tu agreed with tane.Tawhirimatea,Haumia,and Rongo wanted things to be just like they were.Tu was pushing first he couldnt do it then tangaroa tried with all his strength then he couldnt then it was tanes turn he pushed his fathers chest but he couldnt then he had a good idea he used his legs and pushed his fathers chest the light was shining the brothers tane, tangaroa and tu were so happy. Ranginui was separated from papatuanuku.Tanemahuta clothed his mother with trees and ferns.Tane was the guardian of trees,tu was the guardian of people and war,Tangaroa became guardian of sea,Tawhirimatea became guardian of wind and storms,Haumia became guardian of wild food and rongo became guardian of food that we grow.Now when it is raining ranginui  is crying for papatuanuku.The End

By Mitchell

Rang and papa

In the beginning of time Rangi and papatuanuku where together and day  had six sons theri names where Tu Tane Tawhirimatea Tangaroa Haumia and Rongo . and Tu said to kill But The other to did't want to kill thir parents. The sons The other To DiD/ t Want To kill thir Peris The sons wanted to spreab The parent apartbecause it was too dark for them. bat Rogo  did/t kere and than he cudde up to them

by Russell

Rangi and Papa

In the beginning of time Rangi and Papatuanuku were together and they had six sons. Their
names were Tu, Tane, Tawhirimatea, Tangaroa, Haumia, and Rongo. The sons wanted to spread the parents apart because it was too dark for them, but Rongo didn't care and then he cuddled up to them. Tu said to kill them. The others didn't want to kill their  parents.

by Dezarae

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Where the Wild Things Are

Once a upon time there lived a nasty boy called Max. He was naughty and mean. Once he had a dream about a jungle that was growing and it was still growing as high it could go. Max went on a boat far away from his home. He went sailing and saw some big fat scabby monsters with big yellow eyes and smelly feet. Max went to go to them in the boat and they made Max the king. They can talk but mostly they fight.The boy went in the forest and it was dark. Then max went in one of the houses and lit the house with candles and then they were reading a story. Then they had a fight. The monsters were breaking the houses that were made out of straw and small pieces of wood. The forest was very dark and scary and there was candles out in the forest. It was still sunny and then it be came night and the boy sailed away and the monsters were growling at him. Max woke up from his dream, went down to his mum and his mum read him a story. They lived happily ever after.
By Leni

Friday, 9 August 2013

The end of Ramadan

Here is our gorgeous Alisha celebrating Eid!
Thanks for coming to visit us Alisha!