Sunday, 25 August 2013

Where the Wild Things Are

Once a upon time there lived a nasty boy called Max. He was naughty and mean. Once he had a dream about a jungle that was growing and it was still growing as high it could go. Max went on a boat far away from his home. He went sailing and saw some big fat scabby monsters with big yellow eyes and smelly feet. Max went to go to them in the boat and they made Max the king. They can talk but mostly they fight.The boy went in the forest and it was dark. Then max went in one of the houses and lit the house with candles and then they were reading a story. Then they had a fight. The monsters were breaking the houses that were made out of straw and small pieces of wood. The forest was very dark and scary and there was candles out in the forest. It was still sunny and then it be came night and the boy sailed away and the monsters were growling at him. Max woke up from his dream, went down to his mum and his mum read him a story. They lived happily ever after.
By Leni

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