Friday, 14 March 2014

Purple Cake Day

For the past two weeks, we have been learning about Haiti. The children in Class 13 have made presentations, writting explanations, designed flags and read articles about Haiti. This afternoon we had a Purple Cake Day to celebrate what we have, and to think about children in Haiti - some of whom are not able to go to school.

We dressed up in purple, had purple food, listened to our favourite songs, made purple crafts and got our faces painted by Ajani's mum. It was fabulous!


  1. Ajani, Ben, Job, Kaden, Kyron, Maniwai, Noah, Paige you all look awesome

  2. Kia ora Class 13,

    I really enjoyed looking at your photos! If I had those delicious cupcakes, I would be so happy. Can you tell me where Haiti is?

    Keep up the fabulous learning,

    From Miss Ouano.

  3. Hi Class 13,

    Purple cake day was fun! Did you like my chips?

    1. The chip's were yummy, Ben

      I hope you can bring some more next time


  4. Hi class 13
    It look like your are having fun and I Enjoyed watching your photo and I really like your face panting.

  5. Hi Miss Nalder

    I really liked you photos they were awesome. Those cupcakes look really yummy.

    Can you tell me what kind of flavor did you put in the outside and the inside because they look so so yummy.

    Those photos really look funny you are a expert Miss Nalder.

    From Paige..

  6. Hi

    Ajain,Ben, Job, Kaden, Kyron, Manuwai, Noah and Paige

    I really loved your photos and use look so wonderful and I love those cupcakes and I wonder what kind of flavour it is?

    You are all awesome!

    From Sheales

  7. U guys or girls look Kyron,Noah,Ben,Ajani,Job, and every one that was in that you guys were

    haveing the best day at school? Thanks for makeing it the Best day at school all THANKS TO

    MISS Nalder By The Fabulous Student Bobby-Jon

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  9. Hi,Manuwai Ben, Job, Kadan, Kyron, Ajani, Noah, Paige you guys are so cool because of your face paint. Who did the face paint?

    From Kerstein

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  11. Hi class 13,

    It is kali. On purple cake day we had a cake and it was delicious. I liked having my face painted. Did you know that 200,000 people died in Haiti?

  12. Hi Class 13

    I loved the cupcakes and I very like your face paint paige and Ajani, Noah, Ben, Job, Kaden, Kyron, Manuwai, Paige

    From Anna

  13. Hi Class 13 I liked the you guys painted your guys faces
    what were you guys celebrating?

    From Ana Leisi

  14. Hello Class 13,

    I bet you all are glad that my mum came and did the face painting! We should do it again some time.

    Did you know that over 200,000 people died? Anyway add lest we loved lering about it and had fun.From Ajani

  15. The face pant was fun and cool. I liked the food and the jelly it was nice.!!!!

    From Simon.