Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sheales Explains what the Commonwealth Games are.

Did you know that sport is a good way to show friendship and togetherness which is important to the Commonwealth? I reckon that sport is a good way to show friendship because you could have fun with your friends while you are playing sports and you could also play against your friends. These sentences were about how sport is a good way to show friendship. 

Guess what? Well the first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. The Commonwealth games that are on now is being held in Scotland and the next Commonwealth games will be held in Samoa. The Commonwealth Games are a sporting event between 71 countries around the world. It is kind of similar to the Olympics because some of the sports are the same as the Commonwealth Games. They have a Opening Ceremoney and a Closing Ceremoney. They also light torches. 

Valerie Adams has the world record of shot put she beats the rest in every game.

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event. It is played by different athletes and I think you know that it is also played by 71 countries from around the whole wide world. Do you know why the teams have to stay together? Its because they have to encourage their  teams. They also have to encourage their teammates when they compete in different events. When people go play different events they strive to succeed and choose to believe in themselves. If you watched the opening of the Commonwealth you might have seen Queen Elizabeth 2. She is the head of commonwealth.

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