Saturday, 19 April 2014

Enemy Pie - By Ben

Comprehension Questions

1. Why wasn’t it a perfect summer?
jeremy he moved in the neighborhood was very bad
2. Why doesn’t the boy like Jeremy Ross? Does he have a good reason?
He was mean because he didn’t invite him to his trampoline party.
3. What did his dad suggest he use to get rid of his enemy?
He suggested using enemy pie.
4. What do you think is in the dad’s secret recipe for enemy pie?
To spend one day with your enemy.
5. Why was he confused about the smell coming from the kitchen?
He thought it wasn't enemy pie.
6. Why does the dad say his son has to spend a day with Jeremy?
To make a friend.
7. Why did he have to go up into the tree house first?
The boy wanted to go in and tear down the enemy list.
8. Why does the boy let Jeremy into his treehouse?
He was nice.
9. Why was he confused when he began to have fun with Jeremy?
He thought Jeremy was an enemy.
10. Is Jeremy Ross really as bad as the boy thought he was? How do you know?
No, because he is very nice and he helped him do things and invited him for lunch, let him play on his trampoline, and he helped him throw the boomerang.
11. Why was he having second thoughts about the Enemy Pie?
He thought it was bad and poisonous and he thought it would make boys cry.
12. . What’s the real secret of enemy pie? Why didn’t the dad put anything gross in it?
Not to put anything gross in it. He made it nice so that the boys could become friends not enemies.

Reading Response
1. What makes someone a “friend”? What makes someone an “enemy”?
to ask to be a friend
a bully is an enemy

2. Do you think Jeremy was really his enemy? Why or why not? Should we have enemies, in your opinion? Why or why not?
no because when he went to his home and ask to play with him  and he did
3. A synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word.
Write 4 synonyms for the word, “friend”, below.
- ally
- buddy
- best friend
- mate

4. An antonym is a word that means the opposite thing as another word.
Write 4 antonyms for the word, “friend”, below.
- enemy
-bad guy
- bully
- teaser

5. Vocabulary
Match a word from the list to the definition(meaning)

List: poisonous, recipe, disgusting, enemy, ingredients, boomerang, buzzer, squint, delicious, trampoline
Word: enemy
Word: recipe
Word: disgusting
Word: ingredients
Someone you really don’t like.
Something that tells you how to cook food.
really gross, nasty or yucky.
Food items you need to cook something.

Word: poisonous
Word: trampoline
Word: squint
Word: boomerang
It’s bad for you to eat, drink or sometimes touch.
You jump on it.
To close your eyes halfway, either to help you see or because it’s too bright.
A curved stick you throw and it comes back to you.
Food or drink that is yummy to eat.

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