Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dung Beetles - by Kosini Mapaplangi

The Dung beetle is important because there are 7000 species and they make the world less smelly. The Ancient Egyptians thought that they were Gods. A long time ago the Egyptians worshipped and praised the Dung Beetle, which they called the Scarab Beetle. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Dung Beetle would bury the sun. Let me explain to you about the phenomenal African Dung Beetle.

Dung Beetles are very important because they take away the smells. The Dung Beetles roll away the dung and bury it in the ground. They feed their young on the dung. The Dung Beetle has been on the earth for over 50 million years. They are vital in helping to keep our planet clean. They clear away the flies by removing some of the dung.

By Kosini


  1. Wow Kosini this is a really great story about dung beetles that you have wrote.

    Hey Kosini, can you tell me what is dung and where the dung beetles live?

    From Atareita

  2. Hi Kosini

    I really like your story about dung beetles.Did you find out how long dung beetles live?

    from nyree

  3. Hi Kosini

    your writing is fabulous i beat 1 day you will like doing it by Job.