Friday, 5 April 2013

"The Pirate" by Shelley

One sparkly day a selfish pirate who lived at the beach, set off on his pirate ship with the skull and crossbones flag. Octopus, the pirate, wanted to go for a ride around the bay. When he was out in the bay, he decided to go for a dive. Down in the water he found one million dollars! He was rich! VERY rich! He became so rich that he bought a beach for his friends. They were all very happy and lived together on their pirate ships in the bay.


  1. Hi Shelley I like your beautiful pirate story because it has a lot of detail, in your phenomenal cool story.Your story looks so exciting.My favourite part was when you told me about the greedy pirate.keep up the graceful from Roimata and Heather.

  2. Dear Alisha,

    I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to write you a special post all on your own - I might have to get Miss Nalder to show me how to do that sometime!

    Anyway, i wanted to thank you for making my card for easter. Its pinned up on my fridge - and is certainly brightening my kitchen up a lot!

    I hope you had a lovely easter, and the easter bunny managed to make a stop at your house!

    I bet you and all your class mates are looking forward to a nice break for school holidays soon - keep up the excellent work that we can all see on your Blog, Room 10!