Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ajani Pakalani

Once upon a time there was three different sized bears and a little girl called Goldilocks. When the three different sized bears woke up they had a try of their breakfast which was porridge. They tried the porridge and it was too hot so they went out to the forest to wait for it to cool down.

After a little while Goldilocks arrived and saw the delicious porridge and suddenly she felt hungry and she tried one of the bear's and it was too big and when she tried to pick up the spoon it was heavy and she tried the soup but it was too hot.

After that she tried the middle sized chair but it was too soft she nearly fell asleep so she went to the little chair but this time she sat on it the chair broke into pieces.
She felt sleepy and went downstairs and found beds. One was big and she couldn't climb in the bed because it was too huge so she went to another bed  and it was just fine and she fell asleep.

Suddenly the bears came back and saw that somebody had been in the house and came in the house and saw their porridge was used and went downstairs and screamed and freaked out because the bears saw that somebody was using their beds and Goldilocks woke up and screamed like the bears and ran away.

The End.


  1. Hi ajain your story was cool woo woo woo you no ti

  2. Hi ti is tareek your story is coool and did you make the story and you a cool ajain

  3. Ajani I like the way you described the three bears as "three different sized bears. It was an interesting way of writing it. I also like how you used the vocabulary "screamed" and "freaked out" - I could just imagine Goldilocks doing that!

  4. What an awesome story son! Keep up the good work. c:

    1. Hi Mum thank you for your lovely comment I really appreciate
      it.From Ajani.

  5. Great to see some of our families checking out the blog...!
    Thanks for your comments!

  6. Hi ajani it me samoa I like your story because you have like more in your story ajani.Keep up the work with miss nalder .