Friday, 28 February 2014

Karakia Kids

We have been learning the school karakia with Whaea Saf. These brave and clever kids got up in front of the class and recited the karakia from memory. There were a couple of others who did it too. They all got a special taonga from Whaea Saf. 


  1. Hi Adrienne, Job, Kerstein, Latu and samoa

    I love your picture and the writing you did on the top of it. I really look forward to seeing more of your, lovely pictures and most of all the amazing writing have a good day Pt England students and don't stop your thinking and do not, stop because I love your works and never give up on your dreams of being what you want to be, and most of all never be shy to show your moves be strong and happy move forward to what you need to be.

  2. Hello class 13
    I like the photo that you guys have took it looks pretty, and all of you guys lo so cute togetter. I just can not take my eyes off this photo. I wish I was in you guys class because I really want to put this picture on my blog keep up the great work. I am really looking forward to your blogs again.