Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Waitangi Day

A long time ago there was a huge argument between the Pakeha and the Maori about the land of Aotearoa. On August 25th 1839, Captain William Hobson travelled for four months from England all the way to Australia, then he travelled a little bit longer all the way to New Zealand. He was sent by the Queen to write a treaty to share the land of New Zealand. 

But he wrote it in English which the Maori people didn’t understand. So the Pakeha people had to translate the treaty. After the Pakeha people translated the treaty into Maori they all signed the treaty on 6th February 1840 and they also did a hongi. 

William Hobson died on the 10th September 1842 in Auckland, New Zealand.

By Atareita (with help from Class 13)

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