Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film - Friendship

In 2012, a group of NZ singers wrote and performed a song called “Feel Inside” to raise money to help kids who were really sick. Class 13 at Pt England have written and performed our own song to spread the message about being a good friend.

We would like to thank the cool kids in Years 2 and 3 that helped us with the song lyrics, and also Stan Walker and Jessica Mauboy for the music.


  1. Nice work girls.
    We're you twos shy when you were crossing the road?

  2. Haii i'm from tamaki primary
    if someone asked me what would you do if your friend was down I wound say "go over and cheer them up as much as I can" Good job with your movie I really like it.

  3. Hi nice song how did you's come up with that my favourite was the song thanks for sharing as your cool movie

  4. What an incredibility. Movie I liked your movie because that's the way you make friends thanks
    For sharing your fabulous movie from Jorelle.

  5. Hi Class 13

    I really liked the moral of your story

  6. Hi class

    I like the message that your movie is telling us "FRIENDSHIP"
    This could send a message around the world

  7. Hi class 13,
    I really like how you made your own words to galaxy. And I really enjoy it, also I had fun watching it.

    From samoa
    keep it up class 13

  8. Hi class 13 I like the way that you guys came up with a galaxy song and the juniors were so funny

  9. What a lovely message you shared via very clever actors. You should be very proud of yourselves Class 13.

    Mrs Burt

  10. Hi Class 13 great movie with a beautiful message about friendship running through it. It was also very funny and Class 17 had fun watching it.

  11. ages ago man I miss this time I really miss it. From Ajani