Sunday, 3 February 2013

See you tomorrow!

To the cool kids of Room 10,
This is the last day of the holidays and I'm so excited about meeting you all! I hope you've all had a great summer break, and are ready for a fantastically fun, creatively crazy Term One!
See you tomorrow!
Miss Nalder x


  1. Samoa is excited about going to Rainbow's End! Noah is looking forward to Fiafia! Nate is excited about the weekend! Kerstein is looking very pretty today but she has a bump on her head!

  2. It is a beautiful day today! I'm excited about all the things we are going to do!
    From Miss Nalder

    1. Hi rm 10 t like to be in your classe it is cool and nice your a fantastick teacher. from SHAHID

  3. Hi room 10 I hope you have a great day at school today from Mitchell

  4. Hi room ten i hoped you had a great weekend at home with your family and miss nalder you are the best teacher
    we ever had in this hole class and i love you with all my heart.
    from heather.