Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Science Experiment 2

Yesterday we did our second science experiment.
First we put milk into a bowl. Then we added three drops of blue, red and yellow food colouring. Next we dipped a cotton bud into dishwashing liquid. Finally we gently touched the cotton bud to the food colouring.
What do you think happened?


  1. Hi I am a principal from Lower Hutt. I really loved your icecream movie. Maybe you could email my students and we could Skype.

  2. Oh yes, this is quite an amazing experiment Room 10. Simon came home and told us all about it, then he pulled bits and pieces out of our fridge and cupboards and showed us all what happens. I thought it was so pretty how the colours separated and moved around in the bowl. I hope you guys do some more experimenting soon =)

    Simons Mum =)