Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hairy Maclary

Hairy Maclary from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

The kids from Room 10 PES loved reading all the Hairy Maclary books so we decided to make our own masks and film a movie about the most famous story of all - Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.


  1. Hi Room 10

    I like your video on hairy Maclary and friends. The costumes were well made. I'm sure you have put a lot of effort making costumes and doing the acts. The black and white effect was awesome.

    From Jacob

  2. Well Done Room 10 ! I really liked your costumes and masks.... Your movie was funny and entertaining.

  3. Great story, that was a wonderful movie you guy's. I loved your costumes and masks. Your acting was awesome and done well!

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  5. Hi Room 10

    Your movie "Hairy Maclary" is very entertaining to watch, I thought your masks were amazing. All of Room 10 did amazing in this great movie, keep up the amazing work. From Senolita

  6. Great movie room 10
    you have done great editing your movie.
    your costumes were really cool


  7. What a great movie you have. You have done a great job on the mask and well done for making the background music I think your movie is awesome

  8. Well done Room 10. I loved watching your movie at the film festival and I thought your presenters did an awesome job. I could tell everyone in the audience was enjoying this too.

    I thought it was really funny when you danced to "Who let the dogs out!"

    I hope you enjoyed being stars on the big screen :)

    Mrs Burt

  9. thank you mrs burt for looking and commented on our blog and you done a nice job mrs burt at the film festival speeking to pt england school too and mr burt too done a very good job .

    from samoa .

  10. Well done Miss Nalder and Room 10 on your wonderful movie. I love Hairy MacLary and his friends from Donaldson's dairy. The Scarface claw part scared me. I look forward to more wonderful movies.

    Love Miss Lavakula

  11. Hi
    I like hairy maclary to and the other dogs to sorry I could not name all the other dogs and that cat

  12. Hi rom 10 you guys were sptaceula with the mask they looked super neat from kerstein

  13. Hey Room 10,

    I really loved your movie. You have made great effort making amazing videos!!!. The mask were really nice and detailed. Good job Room 12. I'm looking forward to seeing more movies in the future from you's guys it's AMAZIN!

  14. Hi Room 10,
    I loved your movie and you guys have really express yourself. I like the customs you guys use and the song.I can't wait until I could see some more movies like that.