Thursday, 15 January 2015

Baking Santa's Cookies

This morning I have been busy in the kitchen baking! I'm not a very good baker, like Miss Ouano is, but I love eating it! Luckily for me, Noah and his lovely mum gave me a ready-to-bake jar of Santa's Cookies at the end of last year. Thanks so much Noah and Shannon! They are absolutely delicious! Here's what they look like.


  1. Dear Miss Nalder hope you are having an AMAZING summer holiday the cookies look delicous!!! see you next year love yah from
    Noah (:

  2. They ARE delicious! Now I have to decide who to share them with...!!

  3. dear Miss Nalder i hope you had a great chrismass just like me. and i just
    wanted to say WHAT DELICIOUS Cookies how did you make it.I bet it tastes delicious