Thursday, 4 April 2013

Today's writing task...

This morning we picked a setting, character and a plot from some prompt cards - we got "The Beach" as the setting, "A Pirate" as the character and "Win 1 Million Dollars" as the plot. Here are some of the great sentences the kids in Room Ten wrote:

At the beach we saw a boat heading this way. They scanned the sand because they were trying to find the treasure chest. (Steven)

There was a pirate named Nate. He dug a huge hole at the beach and he found 1 million dollars. So he ran away with the money. The cops were chasing him. Some of them had tazers and cars. Some others were strong. (Simon)

Did you know that a pirate found one million dollars at the beach? The pirate was hiding one million dollars for himself and he was tricky. When we was sleeping in the night some people took the beach at his house but he didn't know that the beach was gone! When he was awake he sent to the beach and saw no beach there and he got very sad because the beach was gone from the back door. (Samoa)

Once upon a time there was an evil grumpy pirate who liked to go to the beach. One day when he was at the beach he sat down on a deck chair feeling grumpy because the people were stealing his beach. He yelled at the people "Get Off My Beach!" Then he saw one person swimming in the blue and bright water. The pirate swam to him. He said "Get out of my bright and blue water!" He went out of the water and ran away from the pirate. He ran up a tree and his million dollars fell out of his bag. All his stuff fell out of his bag - his glasses fell out, his sunscreen fell. The pirate got all his stuff and he lived happily ever after. (Kerstein)


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