Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Last week some of our girls went and played at an interschool cricket competition. Most of them had never played much cricket before, but they turned out to be naturals as they won all their games so came first overall!

Congratulations to Samoa, Anna, Heather and Dezarae for making the Y3/4 girls cricket team and playing so well at the tournament!

Here is Heather with her certificate.

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  1. Hi Heather we won when we went to the Cricket with the Y5 and 6's and or so Y3 and 4's went cricket but we came back and we had some ice cream and ice block before we went to class and when me and heather and anna and dezarae went to class some people was saying to me and heather and anna and dezarae when we walk to class and they came to us and said where did you go and we said we went cricket but they did't know we went cricket.

    From samoa