Friday, 13 September 2013

The Freezing cold dog

Once upon a time there was a freezing cold dog who was rich and famous and buy lots of things in the mall.He had lots of money and gold and he was very greedy and rude.He is so rich that he has a elevator in his house.When he goes in his shower and he says ''Turn on''the shower will turn on.When he is sick in bed and he needs breakfast his slave comes and gives him his breakfast and his slave gets paid back $100 dollars.
By Mitchell


  1. Hi mitchell i like how you said freezin gcold and or so mitcell you put in some detil but you dont say to your teacher how do you spell that and stuff like that i think your mumwill see on our blog and she will be so very proud at you mitchell and i think you will be proud at your self.

    From samoa and room ten and or so miss nalder.

  2. Hi Mithcell ti's me Dezarae your best frined I like your store it's nice i hope you get this by dezarae Elliott buy