Saturday, 28 September 2013

Monday  23rd  september

Micthel  kendrick   was cheeky to his teacher.When his mum asked him to eat  his  dinner he surruptiously fed it to the dog blackly. He had a pointy nose  like pinaochio. On the top  of his  head he had a  sparky  dark  red mohork, and skinny  legs  like Will smith,his favourite shoes  were  his purple churclles, and  when he was two years  old his uncle  took him  to get his ears pierced.His mum  was furious! Micthel wears  skinny blue  jeans   so tight ti makes it hard to breathe. Once he fell on the grass and got ants in his pants which made him dance like a old man. His mum said he had put the ants in his pants  on purpose, so he didn't have  to go to school.

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