Thursday, 5 September 2013

Jack Kendrick

Jack Kendrick was cheeky at his teacher.

When Jack's mum takes Jack to the movies he stands up on to the black bench and talks when everybody is sleeping on the chairs. When Jack's mum says "Go to sleep" he does it straight away, but he has to snore and he has to do the sleepwalking at night because he is a nincompoop.

When Jack's teacher says "Come in" he comes in the class room when he sits on his chair he falls asleep in class. He dreams about being in the class room. He thinks about winning in classroom, that he went on the good list with heaps of ticks. Then after that his teacher woke him up and the teacher gave him a sad face. Then Jack was very angry at his teacher so he tried to sneak out of the classroom but he knew that all of the kids would see him.

So he had a other idea. His idea was to go in the toilets and take his bag with him because he wanted to dress up like a boy teacher. After that he went out with the bag. When he was going out of the toilets he hid his bag.

By Angels Lauvaka

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