Thursday, 5 September 2013


Jack Kendrick was at the bus. He was so hungry to eat but a sign said "No drinking or food" . So he opened his spiderman bag so he got his drink. He opened it and it started to shake. It shook and shook until it was too late for Jack to go to his school but here..... he was grumbly that he wanted to go home. At 9 o'clock every one was sleeping on the bus, even the bus driver named Joshy. When it was day time everyone woke up, even the bus driver. The kids were so happy that they had another trip! The kids were saying "Weee wee!" and "Woo" and "Yahoo wee yahoo!" because they were exited that they were going. The driver was so furious that he wanted to go home. He felt sad and cried.

By Jonathon

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