Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Girls Went To The Soccer

On tuseday when the y 4 and y 3s went to soccer and the boys was just at school Looking sad and wanna Join. the girls But we have a fun we Colerd in And we write A note for The Girls My note was 'No Girls Alowed Only miss nalder' that was my note for the girls  after that when it was the moring the grils went back to get there lunch and drinks when it was playtime the girls went to socer but not me i coldint see them so when is  was morning tea finish the girls went soccer i saw them the girls was wearing red purple black oranger cloths and red grey black pants/jeans so girls was wearing jackets/chumprs when the teacher told us to stop look and listen we look and liisten we put are Hands in Are Heads s We Did. She said to clean up the School/Class Room/ten We tidy for ages and ages and ages anad ages and ages and ages for 5 mins Tha was a long time And it was hot in the Hot sunny Sun. its was hot inside and it was cold outside I told miss nalder to Gve the boys Some Air So SHE OPen The windows Only 1 ONly 1 Window So we Were Happy Againd and the Girls Came The end by Jonathon.

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  1. Hi johnathon i like your story and have a nice weekend today this saturday by mitchell