Wednesday, 18 September 2013

went to the cricket

On monday the y 3,4,5,6 went to play cricket but the y 3 and 4 split up so they could have more space  for the y 5 and 6 .And the y 3 and 4 went to the other place and or so it was a fake grass to play with  and or so it was so cool .And pt  England  school won all they game and or so the y 5 and 6 won all they game the y 4 and 3 when it was the final  but then when this girl call out the point and then we won  the game and we were happy  because we won all 4 game  and the y 5 and 6  won all they 5 game and they came first and we came first to .And then we went to have a ice block and 4 kid had ice cream and they felt sad but then they got happy and it was cool to play cricket and or so the y 5 and 6 is going to the final and they will be happy about that but not the y 3 and 4. And then we went back to class and room ten said to me and heather and Anna and Dezarae   and they said to us  wear did you go and they did't know that we were at cricket because we went in the mooring .
By samoa

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